Ages 4-6 - Begin to build confidence and increase attention span!  Focus on following instructions, developing balance and gross motor skills while learning the basics of traditional TaeKwonDo. 

Basic stretching, kicking, and blocking.  Age appropriate and fun!  (Learn More)


Ages 6-10 - Focus on following directions and increasing attention span, building confidence and strength, goal setting, respect for others, and forming good habits.  Classes are challanging and fun! Classes are divided by belt level. (Learn More)



Ages 11-15 - Traditional TaeKwonDo for any skill level!  Increase physical and mental strength, develop good values and decision making skills.  Focus on setting & achieving goals, confidence, and perseverance in a positive and encouraging environment!  (Learn More)


Ages 16+  Traditional TaeKwonDo with a flexible schedule!  You'll love our positive and encouraging classes for adults of all ages and skill levels!  Strong Body, Strong Mind!  (Learn More)


Our TaeKwonDo Camps coincide with school holidays and vacations! Registration is now open for Fall Day Camps!  Anyone can join - ages 6+  (Learn More)


It's simple... OUR TaeKwonDo Birthday Parties are the best.  We take care of everything except the cake!  Ages 4+  (Learn More)


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Starting Monday 7/26 we will be in our NEW LOCATION! 
309 Sunrise Highway Lynbrook,NY 11563

Our programs are not only fun and exciting, but also develop a Winning Attitude!


Our classes are designed to significantly increase a child's attention span! 


Safe and Fun for children and adults!


Currently Accepting New Students!

All of our students learn our 5 School Codes:




Self Control