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How we will be disinfecting the dojang after each class


We are opening for in person classes starting Monday 7/13/2020.  

We will continue to have two classes per week on Zoom for those who prefer to continue with online classes. The new procedures will be in effect throughout the summer and will be readdressed in the fall. Please watch the Reopening the Taekwondo School video on our website or on our Facebook page with your child prior to coming to class.

Taekwondo Class Changes

Drop Off Only

Extra Sanitization

Taekwondo Shoes

Taekwondo shoes will be permitted in class this summer. TKD shoes are $40-$55 depending on the brand. If you would like to order shoes, please email me asap. Stock is limited and we can’t guarantee shoes will be available, but will try to get the Dynamics brand for all before upgrading to the Adidas shoe. Keep in mind sizes run about a ½ size smaller than regular sneakers.

If you already have TKD shoes, please clean them thoroughly prior to using them in class. All TKD shoes must be carried in and put on once you are in the waiting room.

Currently Accepting New Students

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