Ryu's Martial Arts Taekwondo

Tiger Kids Program (Ages 4-6)

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is an art of self-defense known all over the world. Our unique way of teaching this to children offers much more than just self-defense and agility, it also gives children qualities leading them to a better life.



Learning while having fun, this is the best way to teach children.

The programs created for our younger children were designed to be exciting and fun so as to make them feel comfortable and overjoyed while learning Tae Kwon Do.

An energetic way to learn using the children’s full potential in a positive, and productive manner, this is how fun and exciting children’s classes are.

Personal attention will ensure a fast development in children.

Here in Ryu’s Martial Arts, we focus on quality instruction and personal attention that will help the children in class. This is why we provide highly trained and disciplined instructors in all our classes to assure parents of the quality education their children can have.

Developing your child and improving them physically and mentally, this is what we’re good at.

Currently Accepting New Students

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